Steve & Sue Lackey, Vocals/Guitar

Steve has played guitar with many bands through the years: Jam Chowder, Stonefly, the Roadhouse Rockets, Slim Hippo, Blue Collar, Bullfrog, Tundra, and Funhole.   Steve also periodically sits in as a guest performer with CT shoreline bands Blues on the Rocks, the Sandy Connolly Band, Take Two and Call Me in the Morning, and The Mojo Boys.   While Steve loves to get his rocks off playing blues-rock, improvisational style lead guitar, he has an equal fondness for singing and playing great songs regardless of whether they spotlight guitar brilliance.   He first developed an interest in the guitar after 'experiencing' Jimi Hendrix at age 13.   Later that year, he traded-up his tennis racket and full-length mirror for a Fender Mustang and a Fender Champ Amp.   Since then, he has spent an increasingly worrisome amount of spare time and cash pursuing the elusive goal of playing like Jimi and his other rock and blues guitar heroes (too numerous to mention here).  Alas, he just winds up sounding like Steve.

Like a parent with many children, Steve cannot choose favorites among his stable of guitars.   He frequently battles a serious disease called G.A.S. (guitar acquistion syndrome) until his loving wife, Sue, inevitably provides the cure through a sobering reminder of the under-funded college account for their son.  Steve's most caressed acoustic guitars include a Taylor 410 CE 6-string, Taylor 855 12-string, and his beloved 1970 Yamaha FG-300.   On the electric side, he often agonizes over which of the following guitars will feel most neglected - 1972 Gibson ES-335, PRS Custom 24, Fender Custom Shop Stratocaster, Les Paul Goldtop '57 reissue, 1974 black Telecaster Custom (Keith!). 1970 Gibson SG Special (Pete!). 1974 Olympic White Stratocaster (Jimi!), '52 Fender Telecaster '52 reissue (Roy!), Fender Squier Master Series Robben Ford Esprit (Robben!), or his pearlescent white Daisy Rock 12-string.  Amps include 1967 Fender Super Reverb blackface, 1979 Fender Vibroverb, 1975 Fender Deluxe, Gibson GA-55 Ranger and Fishman acoustic amp.  

Sue has always possessed a passion for singing.   Whether breaking into song at family events, singing at school plays or participating in church choir, music was continually flowing out of her lungs and soul as a young girl.   When her voice matured as a teenager, she learned guitar so she could accompany herself.  Fast forward twenty years and she meets fellow musician Steve Lackey, a self-described 'lucky man' who is smitten - both with her sparkling personality and her remarkable voice. While dating, Steve presents Sue with a gift of vocal lessons to encourage and nurture her singing talent.   Their musical connection continues to build as they learn dozens of new songs together, serving as each other's muse.   Music remains a passionate bond between them and playing together in a band is a fulfillment of a dream.   They will always be each other's 'Better Half'.


John Jackson, Bass & Vocals

Joe Pecoraro, Drums

Ted Ervin, Bass and Vocals